Transfer passwords and more

This service allows you to encrypt and transfer passwords and other sensitive data to a friend. The recipient can view the page only once!


We use strong cryptographic algorithms and all messages are protected by a freshly generated random password. Your message is encrypted inside your browser, before it is sent to us. Therefore we cannot read your message. Neither can anyone else. Only the person who knows the link can do so.

One time only

Instead of sending passwords or sensible messages by email, you can store it with us and send the link instead. Once the intended recipient has read the message, it is deleted immediately. Thus you can be confident that no one else has seen or read the message before or afterwards!


Although we have no way of reading your message, you still have to trust us. No matter how secure we made our site, encryption inside the browser faces some pesky issues. Read the FAQ to find out more, then judge for yourself.

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